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Thanks for visiting The Professor of Craps! At my site you'll find all things you need to know about the wonderful game of Craps. From the basic rules of Craps, to Craps tips, books you can read, and even a free Craps game you can play right on your computer. My site is completely free so have fun but pay attention - you'll thank me after your next trip to the casino!
About Craps
Keeping track of all the possible bets in a Craps game can be overwhelming for novices. It's nice to dream, but there is no grand strategy that can reduce the house's edge to a tiny percentage, as there is in Blackjack. But there are smart bets and bets that should be avoided. More..
Craps Rules
Craps is a game played by one or more players against a casino. The casino covers all player bets at a table and sets the odds on its payout. Players take turns rolling two dice. The player rolling the dice is called the "shooter." Other players at the table bet on the shooter's dice rolls. The game is played in rounds, with the first roll of a new round called the "come-out roll." The round resolves with a point being rolled or a seven. More...
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